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The Secret To Successful Pre-Roll Ads

Let’s face it: people have been finding ways to avoid advertising since, well, basically the beginning of advertising. In the past, it meant turning the page, changing the station, channel

How Long Should Your Video Be?

The internet is saturated with video content. In most cases, people prefer to be shown rather than told. People also have very short attention spans and a bevy of advertisers

The Consumer Profile: Why It’s Important

We all know that effective advertising is about serving the right message to the right person at the right time in the right space. But it’s not as easy as

Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2017

What marketing trends await in 2017? We’ll tell you. Social Media – Maggie Ising Social media marketing trends are changing every day. It’s a constant roller coaster of what’s hot

The Importance Of Brand Ambassadors: Guerilla Marketing In The Digital Age

The Importance Of Brand Ambassadors: Guerilla Marketing In The Digital Age   When it comes to guerrilla marketing, brand ambassadors are the new street team. Whether a paid team of

Case Study: The YMCA of Greater Louisville

Case Study: The YMCA of Greater Louisville When there’s a gym on every corner, how do you stand out?   The YMCA of Greater Louisville offers unparalleled fitness facilities, wellness

Understanding The Digital Ecosystem

The Internet isn’t Field Of Dreams. If you build it, they still may not come. The digital arena is composed of lots of moving parts and, as a marketer, you

Look Around: The Awesome Potential of 360° Video

Imagine riding along with the U.S. Navy’s renowned Blue Angels precision flying team. You look left and right at the jets on either side of yours, up at the one

Online Video Advertising: Three Things to Remember

If you’ve been paying attention, you know video consumption on mobile devices has tripled since 2013 — and it’s only growing. And while digital video advertising can be a little