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When I first tried to break into the advertising world, I picked up a book titled “Ogilvy on Advertising.” It was a good decision because it both sharpened my understanding of good advertising and sparked questions about what it could be. It also was unquestionably how I started to develop my POV, which is something …

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Kentucky Colonels logo over rolling hills in Kentucky.

A call to service: Kentucky’s chosen are making a real difference

If you’ve lived in our great Commonwealth for any length of time, chances are you’ve met a Kentucky Colonel.  No, not that Colonel (we’ll get to that in a minute). We’re talking about the exceptional men and women who’ve earned this title of distinction because of their leadership, generosity, and commitment to serving others. The …

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Four Reasons Why You Should Use Hashtags

When you’re scrolling up and down your Facebook or Instagram feeds, you’ll see tons and tons of content — images, videos, text, and of course, hashtags. But what, exactly, are hashtags? What do they do? How important are they? Is there value in your business using them? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the …

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Chaney Given

Chaney is a talented and accomplished designer and illustrator, who has expanded his skill set to include motion graphics and video editing. With nearly a decade of experience, his client work includes Waterstep, Baptist Health, the Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools, First Harrison Bank, and many more