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Video and the Art of Storytelling

A group of my friends and I used to take an annual road trip from New York to Louisville on Derby Weekend. It was grueling, unhealthy and insanely fun. Piling

It’s Fat Friday! (Recipes Included)

In today’s agency world, it is critical to keep up with the latest technology in order to make the best marketing decisions and stay abreast of emerging opportunities. However, as

McDonald’s Newest Spot – Is C360 Lovin’ It?

Bring up a new TV commercial on any given day at an ad agency and you’re likely to launch into a lengthy debate over whether or not it’s good or

Aaron Draplin: Inspired by Design

If you’re not a designer, the name Aaron Draplin probably doesn’t mean much to you. Before this week, it didn’t mean much to me either, despite the fact that I’m

Captivating content that won’t annoy consumers

Ask most people if they enjoy seeing advertisements and the majority will say, “no.” But ask them if they frequently read blogs and news feeds, peruse Pinterest for recipes and

Curves and Curls: Tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator

A recently read a couple of tutorials that addressed two of the things that have, at different points in my design career, been the bane of my existence: mastering bezier

Developers who design: The future of agencies is here.

Lindsey Wilson College has partnered with the Louisville Center for Design (LC4D) to create a Masters of Interactive Design program. I’ve been accepted as a charter student scheduled to graduate

Current Spotlight

One of the most exciting things about working in advertising today is the fact that our messages can be distributed across so many different mediums. However, with these seemingly endless

Marketing for the love of the game

If you haven’t visited the Frazier History Museum to see Gridiron Glory – The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet, go right now. Seriously. This blog will