Poke-Mania Pokemon Go has quickly become the darling of the app and social world. In less than five hours after its launch, it jumped to the top of download charts

Follow that Dollar

  During a stop at the local Mickey D’s, to quench the thirst of my sweet tea addiction, I received change with one of the dollar bills stamped “WheresGeorge.com“, so

Knee Deep in the Current: The Ins and Outs of Current360

Recently, some changes have been made to my schedule and now I’m looking forward to getting to explore all the ins and outs of Current360. I feel like a mini

Handling a client switch like a pro

As an Account Executive, I am charged with daily communication with my clients. This generally entails contact with one, perhaps two, key people in the client’s organization. Most of the

Traffic Best Practices 101

Our traffic team recently attended a workshop called “Fundamentals of Project Management.” It’s great, from time to time, to get back to the basics and revisit some friendly reminders of

Back by popular demand: Rob’s Timecode Calculator

Back in late October when Current360 rebranded to its current form, we received an interesting email. Interesting to me, mostly. It was from a Production Assistant on a Food Network

Putting our spy goggles on

The JWT annual “things to watch” list includes many categories and topics like; Cloud Security, the much gossiped about “iTV”,  travel trends, “de-tech-ing” trends,  objectifying objects and food as the

Sales Tax Audit

Last year, we received a letter for the State indicating that we would have a Sales Tax Audits.  The auditor indicated that they needed to review the past four years

  This is the first in a 3-part series on what to get for the advertising professional who has everything. Today: The Designer. Designers can be tough to buy for.

Back in the early Web days, the use of “click here” was defended on the grounds that users wouldn’t otherwise know what to do. Authors thought that users needed hints

Warren Lynch, a Louisville photography legend, officially retires today. Many of us at CurrentMarketing have had the pleasure of working with Warren over his long career of making beautiful images

Our recent influx of staff has required that the Traffic Department, Department heads and our Developware CSR to have a set of “process” meetings to discuss how the whole company

I HATE going to the doctor. H.A.T.E. I.T. Between the hold time to make an appointment, the wait in the waiting room, the wait in the exam room, the discomfort

Account Services Event Payoff

  One of the many hats a good account service executive wears is the event planner’s hat.  While we are constantly scurrying around to meet deadlines, negotiating with both internal

I gots mad skillz

  We’ve been on a hiring spree lately and I had a funny thought about what we would post if we were looking for another traffic manager. I took a

SXSWi 2010’s Social Media Predictions: Did they pan out?

In March 2010, I had the amazing opportunity to attend South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX on behalf of CurrentMarketing. Once I was back in the ‘ville, I presented

PMS 300 Blue. Who knew?

A recent project “blew” though our shop and had a very short fuse. The client “bleeds” blue with offices in Lexington and Louisville so PMS 300 (PMS=Pantone Matching System) made

What happens when we’re so stinkin’ busy…

…that our Traffic Manager doesn’t have time to blog. https://tinyurl.com/y8ufsnp Enjoy!

Remove the “Reply to All” button, please!

When was the last time your in box was slammed with a dozen or so “thank you” emails.  Now, those weren’t emails thanking you.  Rather, they were thanking the initiator