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iPhone Video vs. Professional Camera Crew

 Consumer demand for quality digital video content continues to increase. According to recently released statistics, 43% of respondents said they’d like to see more video content in their social media

The Secret To Successful Pre-Roll Ads

Let’s face it: people have been finding ways to avoid advertising since, well, basically the beginning of advertising. In the past, it meant turning the page, changing the station, channel

Is Digital Video In Your Media Plan? It Should Be.

Is Digital Video In Your Media Plan? It Should Be. Apps like Periscope and integrations like Facebook Live have drastically changed the way users share content online. And marketers should

Case Study: The Allday Way

This video project was initially born as a website with a most audacious goal: create the go-to online resource for casual horse owners worldwide. Oh, and make sure that the hundreds of

37 Years of video experience in 630 words or less

Holding a pencil doesn’t make someone a writer; nor does holding a paintbrush make them an artist. – Rick Schardein Technology has made the creation of video and motion graphics accessible to

Look Around: The Awesome Potential of 360° Video

Imagine riding along with the U.S. Navy’s renowned Blue Angels precision flying team. You look left and right at the jets on either side of yours, up at the one

Video Storytelling & Events

With the explosion of digital and social media marketing tactics, there’s no shortage of ways for brands to connect online with their audience. Yet, lost with this is the power

Motion Graphics and Their Powerful Effect on Video

Video is one of the most effective and engaging tools for relaying information about your brand, product or service. There are times; however, when the subject matter can be complex

Online Video Advertising: Three Things to Remember

If you’ve been paying attention, you know video consumption on mobile devices has tripled since 2013 — and it’s only growing. And while digital video advertising can be a little

Using Video for Recruiting Talent

Using Video for Recruiting Talent In the You Tube world we live in today it only makes sense that many companies are utilizing Video as a recruiting tool. Being able