Everything is on Amazon…Including Advertising

Amazon is known for many things. A mega ecommerce shop that offers super fast delivery. Awesome video streaming services offering movies, television shows, live sports events, and even originally produced

Doing Good by Doing Good

Some say the advertising profession is somehow dishonorable, and I guess—in the hands of dishonorable people—it could be. But way beyond mere hawking of goods and services and sales, we

What’s Your North Star?

Building a brand is a lot like steering a ship. You’ve got to chart your course, correct direction where necessary and make sure your crew is doing all it can

What Do Clients Want From Their Advertising Agency?

As the saying — sorta — goes, “If the client isn't happy, nobody’s happy.” In our 30+ years as a successful Louisville advertising agency, we’ve learned there are a few

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Nature. Music. Nowhere. Inspiration can strike at any time for any — or no — reason. Sometimes, you find patterns in where you find inspiration. You find a muse or

How To Make It As An Advertising Creative

Advice for Would-Be Advertising Professionals So, you wanna work in advertising? You could go the media or client service route, but what you really want is to get your hands

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

The reality is that women are not yet equal in the workplace, even as we approach 2016. There’s that pesky pay gap women must continually fight to close. Beyond the

What the…? Agency lingo

  When I first started at an ad agency I’m pretty sure I only understood every other word that was spoken. The agency lingo had me all confused. Not to

Apple versus Microsoft: The war rages on!

  Growing up, I was aware of the Apple versus Microsoft wars that have been raging since the beginning of personal computing. There are many advantages to buying a Windows

  This is the second in a 3-part series on what to get for the advertising professional who has everything. Today: The Account Executive. The Account Executive, or AE, can