Pandemic Production

In the 22 years that we’ve been doing in-house video production at Current360, we typically run our productions lean, where each person must wear multiple hats. We like to bring

What Services Should Your Digital Marketing Agency Offer?

Digital marketing has become the most effective and efficient means to identify and persuade potential consumers of goods and services today. That’s why digital ad spending is predicted to reach

Your Checklist for Transitioning to a New Digital Agency

Whether you’re dissatisfied with the current performance of your digital marketing results, or you’re considering a new direction for your company and need fresh visionaries on the project, many marketers

Find Your Power

Our front end developer, Cynthia Gorsick recently ventured into the world of Women In Digital. Read on to learn more about her experience…   I should have known I was

Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2017

What marketing trends await in 2017? We’ll tell you. Social Media – Maggie Ising Social media marketing trends are changing every day. It’s a constant roller coaster of what’s hot


Poke-Mania Pokemon Go has quickly become the darling of the app and social world. In less than five hours after its launch, it jumped to the top of download charts


DO YOU REALLY NEED AN APP? Short answer: Maybe.   But one thing is for sure. In the wake of Google’s Mobilegeddon, you absolutely have to have a responsive site

Understanding The Digital Ecosystem

The Internet isn’t Field Of Dreams. If you build it, they still may not come. The digital arena is composed of lots of moving parts and, as a marketer, you

When It Comes to Web, One Size Does Not Fit All

As the years have progressed, and more and more options in the development of websites have come to be, the options that are available to advertisers when it comes to

Information Architecture’s Role in Website Projects

Project Objective: Enhance the existing brochure site to a responsive online marketing tool to promote the Max-Strum product and drive sales leads in 2 target markets: Production Livestock owners Show

Search Advertising: Don’t Just Win the Auction

According to Google, 91% of people use their phone while in the middle of a task. What does that say about us as consumers? It says mainly two things: 1)

3 tips for building a better website

Our digital team has extensive experience in all facets of website development. And, over the past decade and a half, we have worked to streamline our process in order to

Need > Neat: The UX of Wearables

While attending a recent Louisville UX meetup, I was lucky enough to demo Google Glass, Google Cardboard (a virtual reality device), various smart watches, as well as take a sneak

The most underappreciated component of success

One thing that good SEO practices and livestock care have in common is that response time is critical to the success of both. While this comparison may seem like a

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide To Industry Terminology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term thrown around a lot these days, and it has become a capability many advertising agencies and digital media firms are touting to enhance

Cuddly Animals, Deadly Results

Not long ago, the terms Penguin and Panda moved out of the realm of cute, cuddly animals and into our SEO lexicon with ruthless and devastating affect. Swinging swords of

5 Reasons Why Non-Coders Should Know HTML & CSS

If you work with or seek to outsource work to web developers, it’s crucial that your head doesn’t explode when they start talking about HTML & CSS. Instead, we non-coders

2014 Startup Weekend Louisville Recap

Recently, I got the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Louisville as a developer. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together

It’s about time: Apple releases Apple Watch

Apple fanboys have been begging for a smart watch forever. Tuesday, Tim Cook and his team finally granted their wish by unveiling the Apple Watch. Of course, thanks to the

Ruby on Rails Chapter 4: Rails Flavored Ruby

This is the chapter where the real fun starts. Your introduction to the Rails Console. Consider this console as the worry-free sandbox you used to play in as a child.