Ruby on Rails Chapter 3: Test Driven Development

Ruby on Rails Blog Series Welcome back to our Ruby on Rails blog series. In this chapter we create some of the more “static” pages of our sample microbloging application.

Current Spotlight

One of the most exciting things about working in advertising today is the fact that our messages can be distributed across so many different mediums. However, with these seemingly endless

Content: SEO Ranking’s Foundation

Inc. Magazine’s 2014 Grow Your Company Conference had a wide variety of speakers, discussions and workshops focusing on topics right out of the Inc. Magazine Table of Contents – Launch,

Our experience learning about the user experience

Several of our bulbs attended the “What is UX?” event presented by information architect and user experience designer Rick Spencer. Here are a couple of highlights: UX stands for User

The Rise of Programmatic and the Death of Flash

In the very near future, Programmatic will do for media buying what desktop publishing did to T-squares and marker carousels. Meanwhile, Flash-dependent content will join 8-track tapes as a fading memory

Ruby on Rails Chapter 2: A Demo App

Hopefully you were not holding your breath waiting on me to post the follow up to my last blog about Ruby on Rails. This chapter runs you through some basic

Code PaLOUsa for Non-Geeks

Three of our affectionally titled “Geeks” recently attended Code PaLOUsa, otherwise known as several days of software development madness. Judging by the looks of their faces the day after, it

Ruby on Rails Chapter 1: From Zero to Deploy

From this point on in this Ruby on Rails Custom CMS series I will be dividing up my blogs on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Unfortunately, that means this one is going

Wearable technology: hot or not?

Every year, new and innovative technology floods the scene. Unfortunately, the hype dies down after a while and we wait for the next big thing. I’ve learned a bit about

Ruby on Rails, Sass and a custom built CMS

Here at Current we have some exciting projects coming up that lend themselves to the conveniences that Ruby on Rails and the MVC model provide. To my mind there are

Death to PSD Comps

  As a front-end developer I straddle the line between the designer and code-monkey. I don’t really like to call myself a developer because it throws me into a pool

WordPress Text Widget Update Error

  Recently I learned a valuable lesson while transferring a WordPress site from a development domain to the live domain. The theme was written using the built in Text Widgets

Siri – Unmasked!

  My wife is really good at identifying voices. During every animated movie and TV commercial we watch, she lords it over me. “Do you know who that is?” It’s

Audio Books: Boon or Bane?

  I watched a segment on the Saturday Morning Early Show on the growing popularity of audio books. They even made mention that a lot of authors are thinking of

So you need a Google map?

  So you need a Google map? Here’s where to start. The Google maps V2 api was officially deprecated May 19, 2010. Since then the deprecation period has been extended

Ruby on Rails: The Beginning

  As a programmer new to Ruby who has recently debunked the command line tools issue when starting with Ruby on a Mac you are now ready to begin in

All in one… Xbox One

  Working in media, if there’s one thing I love, it’s creative advertising. If there’s another thing I love, it’s data. Microsoft may be scratching both of my itches by

Tintype photography is making a comeback

  As the old song goes, “Everything Old is New Again,” even in this digital age.* With that in mind, I have discovered, while perusing the internet of course, that tintype

The Beer Player

  We have highlighted some pretty cool (if mostly useless) advancements in beverage service on our blog, including Coke bottles made of ice and Budweiser Buddy Cups, but this one

Tools of the Trade: Adonit Jot Touch 4

I recently came across the Adonit site a new stylus called the Adonit Jot Touch 4 caught my eye.  I’ve been using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and stylus for a