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Paper dolls on a green background. Two of them are talking to each other in word bubbles over the top of the doll between them. One bubble has the Current360 logo, the other bubble has a checkmark in it.

Cutting out the media middleman.

Our media department just got even more effective by cutting out third-party programmatic vendors and managing their buys in the marketplace. Traditionally, agencies would have to go through large media companies to access the marketplace, but thanks to technology and automation, they can now access it directly. Here’s what this means for our clients moving […]

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Four Reasons Why You Should Use Hashtags

When you’re scrolling up and down your Facebook or Instagram feeds, you’ll see tons and tons of content — images, videos, text, and of course, hashtags. But what, exactly, are hashtags? What do they do? How important are they? Is there value in your business using them? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the

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The Agency According to the Intern illustration

The Agency According to the Intern: Great Opportunity and Inspiration

Initial Impressions From the moment I walked into Current360, I knew that I was not just walking into some well-oiled machine where everyone works from dawn to dusk generating documents of numbers and letters. What I walked into, instead, was a collaborative space where everyone felt comfortable expressing their creativity and individuality through the work

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Why a Website Audit Is More Important Than Ever

With few exceptions, companies today depend on their website as their initial, and often only, point of contact with their customers. Even businesses like restaurants that rely heavily on foot traffic are at a competitive disadvantage if they don’t have a website. And not just any website — consumers today expect a site that’s easy to navigate,

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Ed Sharp Current360 headshot

Ed Sharp

Ed brings 15 years of traditional and digital media sales experience to the agency, giving us a perspective most agencies don’t have. When he’s not working or seeking new knowledge, Ed hangs out with his wife, two kids, two dogs, one cat, and a hamster. And yes, the cat and hamster are best friends.

Chaney Given

Chaney is a talented and accomplished designer and illustrator, who has expanded his skill set to include motion graphics and video editing. With nearly a decade of experience, his client work includes Waterstep, Baptist Health, the Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools, First Harrison Bank, and many more