Luxury, Luxury, Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

I am certainly not Acura’s target demographic, so the fact that I find the “Luxury, Luxury” commercial so grating shouldn’t really concern them I suppose. But during March Madness, I’ve

Louisville Slugger Swings for the Fences

I have to admit, when I first heard that Louisville Slugger had revised their logo, I was disappointed. And a little dismayed. I suppose this was partly due to the

Dove Goes Rogue with “Real Beauty”

Dove has taken its nearly-decade-long campaign for “Real Beauty” one step further by targeting designers. Dove posted a link on Reddit that supposedly downloaded a Photoshop action to add a

Lululemon Recall: Reassure Me Please!

One or my favorite companies just had a HUGE product recall.  Yes, I know companies have recalls all the time on products but how the company responds is the big

The Basketball Brand Battle

The Final Four is set. Fans of Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan and Wichita State are doing everything they can to support their team in the championship stretch. For many, that means

Bands & Brands: What’s in a name? A lot.

So I’m starting a new band, and as many of my fellow Bulbs will attest, I’ve been trying to think of a good name for months. Thankfully, working with a

Just Add Marketing Pro to JT’s Resume

I’m one of the many that eagerly awaited Justin Timberlake’s new jams. In my book, the folks in charge of marketing his return to the music world have done an

Can LIVESTRONG break the cycle?

Recently, the LIVESTRONG Foundation – formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation – unveiled a new logo to create distance between the disgraced cyclist and the nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those living

Made-for-TV Rebrand: Is VH1 “Cool” Again?

Recently, the TV Network VH1, unveiled a new multi-platform rebranding effort in what I’m assuming, is it’s attempt to stay relevant in this ever changing cultural and technological world of

Sex Sells? Think Again.

I want to start out by apologizing for this blog post. While doing research for this incredibly difficult topic, my boss walked up behind my computer and asked me what

It’s the 2013 Hyperbole! Bring on the 4Q ads!

Much like the actual game itself, I felt like the commercials got better with each quarter. Here’s my play-by-play of the 4th quarter. Leon Sandcastle The NFL Network placed a

It’s the 2013 Hyperbole! Bring on the 3Q ads!

Third Quarter of Super Bowl 47 had to be the most exciting in many years, unfortunately it was due to the record tying punt return, the black-out delay and the

It’s the 2013 Hyperbole! Bring on the 2Q ads!

Coming off a big first quarter that featured great car ads from Audi and Hyundai and a Bar Refaeli appearance, (however repulsive you may or may not have found it),

It’s the 2013 Hyperbole! Bring on the 1Q ads!

Each year for the past 5 (give or take) years, we’ve divided up the Super Bowl and taken a look at the best and worst executions on the world’s largest/most

Video Virality: Can Your Brand go ‘Gangnam Style?’

When you talk about advertising campaigns, it’s hard not to mention video. When you’re talking about video, it’s even harder not to mention the word ‘viral.’ It’s easy to be

Social Media: The Ultimate Super Bowl Spoiler

Commercials have become so ubiquitous with the Super Bowl that it’s rare to talk about the big game without mention of the ads. We know this not only from our

Who LOVES Target? Another reason to share the love

TARGET is one of my all time favorite brands. Their merchandise is trendy, the quality of their clothes is top notch and their promotions are fun. I almost always have

Like It or Not, Kentucky for Kentucky’s Vigilante Campaign is Working

At this point we’re all aware, embarrassed or proud of, currently watching or blocking the Kentucky Kicks Ass video by Kentucky for Kentucky. I think I’ve seen every opinion there