We Wiki Woo!

We have a unique culture at CurrentMarketing. It can be rather difficult to communicate the specifics of this culture to potential, and new, employees. That’s why we’re creating an internal

ncludr is my new fave

The newest social networking site has premiered – ncludr.com! I already have profiles on so many of these type of sites, but this is one more I will add. How

Enter Hulu TV 2.0

Are you tired of missing “The Office” every week… well not anymore thanks to Hulu.com. Now you can watch it when you want to, where you want to. Hulu was

That Hulu that you do so well

Well, Hulu officially launched yesterday after many months in beta. Better late than never? The “video online” market is fairly crowded right now, but Hulu does bring the powerhouses of

Geeks and Social Media

Yesterday morning Gary Gygax passed away, so I’m a bit nerd-sad at the moment. Like many other computer geeks, growing up I was into roleplaying games and Gary Gygax was

How to draw an OS X gel button using ActionScript?

Recently, I completed a project in Flash that required all of the graphic elements to be rendered as vector shapes. I decided to use ActionScript only to draw every interface

Advanced Googling

A few days ago I came across some neat advanced search techniques that you can use in Google’s search and here are a few of my favorites: inurl:<keyword> this will

My Top Apps for OS X

Mac Tricks and Tips recently came out with a list of the Top 100 Essential Mac Applications, so I think I’ll list my own essential apps (but not 100, sheesh!)